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Video case study: Lyons Tea gets first ‘pause button’ video ads on RTE player


Unilever Ireland ran a new ‘on pause’ video ad campaign for its Lyons Tea brand in Ireland- triggered every time a user pauses their video player on the RTE website. The format demonstrates what can be delivered by working collaboratively with industry partners, and was the result of significant investment in new technology by RTÉ to enable the ad’s deployment.

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Brand: Unilever Ireland, Lyons Tea | Sector: FMCG, Food and beverage | Country: Ireland | Agency; Mindshare | Objective: Build brand engagement | Format: Video, RTE |

25/02/2013  |  Full story...

Case Study: 1upSearch | Media: Google | Countries: UK | Sector: Marketing agency | Objectives: Direct response, lead generation, targeting, optimisation | Format: Search

1upsearch.jpg1upsearch, a digital marketing agency based in Bedford, UK, needed a powerful website analysis tool to help drive ROI for their customers. To achieve this goal they set up Google Website Optimiser experiments. This allowed them to run tests on websites of different shapes and sizes, with Website Optimiser consistently providing the insight to make the website better. Following the experiments 1upsearch implemented the winning site variations. The result has been clear, as the agency achieved a 20% improvement in conversions for one their largest clients.

Download the case study: 1upSearch - Google Website Optimisation | Google Website Optimiser | 1upSearch


Agency: Taglab | Client: Lycos | Sector: Media | Objective: Customer acquisition | Format: Viral

Lycos has evolved from an early leader in search to the content portal that it is today. With a large registered user-base for services such as Lycos Mail, Lycos aims to monetise its audience by extending into new content areas, such as XY. XY is a new channel on Lycos, targeting a similar audience to magazines such as Zoo and Nuts. Taglab was developed PR-able content and Viral game featuring user generated content to promote the launch of Lycos UK’s new “XY” men’s channel. The campaign features a Flash photofit style application enabling users to combine the features of celebrity females to design the perfect woman. The images can then be sent to friends or published in an online gallery.

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