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Ford partners with YouTube to make films that identify with car shoppers to drive brand consideration

Ford of Europe wanted to find new ways to connect with potential customers by showing that the brand understood the consumer’s mindset and challenges offered a different buying experience. Ford partnered with Google, YouTube and its global media agency, Global Team Blue) to identify the concerns of consumers based on searches. The brand held a ‘createathon’ in five European markets which produced five unique films.

27/04/2017  |  Full story...

Graphical advertising creative: How the automotive industry is getting creative with full page skin ads

InSkin Media have been working with numerous automotive manufacturers to create bespoke full page skin ads to boost brand awareness.

06/10/2015  |  Full story...

Case Study: Ford | Media: MSN | Country: Denmark | Sector: Automotive | Objective: Brand awareness, brand repositioning, purchase intent | Format: Social Media, Design

Ford%20logo%201.jpgA bold, content-driven campaign, in which young women auditioned to present Fashion TV online drove Ford’s image makeover and helped to position the Fiesta as Denmark’s next top auto model.

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Client: Ford | Sector: Automotive | Objective: Customer acquisition | Format: Page takeovers

This online campaign featured broad-reach page takeovers on high traffic areas of major portals, including the home pages and email sections. The online ads had a significant lift on sales. In total, 6% of the sales of the vehicle could be directly attributed to the online advertising (without click through) during the period studied. Click-through tracked sales were responsible for a significant number of additional sales beyond the 6%.

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Client: Ford | Sector: Automotive | Objective: Customer acquisition | Format: Banners

Ford has launched a cross media advertising campaign both on English and Spanish TV, radio, print, outdoor and via direct mail and online. The online ads that ran on auto-related pages proved to be the most cost effective at raising purchase intention: the portal roadblock ads and magazine ads were more expensive at raising purchase intention than in-market interactive ads, but they were both a great value in terms of cost-per-impact compared to television.

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