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Case study: Bookstart | Agency: Incentivated | Sector: Public | Objectives: Targeting | Format: Mobile


Mobile drives free book giveaway

In this campaign by Incentivated TV ads were run featuring a prominent text call to action ran during daytime TV shows on 34 channels for four weeks. By texting BOOK along with their name, house no. and postcode to 80800, viewers can receive a free book from bookstart. Mobile was the only medium used to request a book.Texts were totally free to viewers.

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Case study: Jaguar | Agency: Incentivated | Sector: Automotive | Objectives: Brand positioning, click-through | Format: Mobile

Jaguar MobileMobile enhances passenger experience for BA

A mobile banner advertising campaign across the whole Yahoo! US mobile network
on the day of the motor show, as well as at other times on other sites. The ads clicked through to a mobile internet site* where user could read about the design, performance and innovative
features of the car or download videos and wallpapers. (*As well as unique iPhone site) Users could also submit their email address to receive the XF email brochure or enter their zipcode to locate their nearest dealer to arrange a test drive.

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Case study: MacMillan Cancer Support | Agency: Incentivated | Sector: Charity | Objectives: Sales | Format: Mobile

cs_i-mcmillan.jpgMobile generates 59% of donations from press campaign

This campaign featured a Call-to-action in national newspapers and on television. Donors text SUPPORT, NURSE, HELP or MACMILLAN to 85222, which deducts £3 from the donor’s mobile. Donors are sent a WAP push message inviting them to fill out a mobile internet Gift Aid form. By confirming they are tax payers, Macmillan can claim extra 28% from HM Revenue & Customs. (An SMS questionnaire alternative was offered.)

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Case study: Pedigree | Agency: Incentivated | Sector: FMCG | Objectives: Purchase intent, increasing conversion | Format: Mobile

Pedigree mobileMobile encourages 5x more voucher redemption

This mobile campaign was kick started with 300,000 mailers containing vouchers being delivered nationwide. A text & win was offered giving customers the chance to win a year’s supply of dog food and a digital camera. Customers were invited to text SMALL DOG to 82222 to enter the competition and then reminded to use the vouchers each month, by text message.

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Case study: British Airways | Agency: Incentivated | Sector: Travel | Objectives: Engagement, reputation management | Format: Mobile

British Airways MobileMobile enhances passenger experience for BA

British Airways launched a new mobile service that could provide passengers with up to the minute the information about their flights. Passengers enter their mobile numbers via Up-to-the-minute SMS alerts are sent if their flight is going to be delayed or is cancelled. Messages are sent in a number of languages. The service integrates with BA’s existing information system.

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Case study: Transport for London Cabwise | Agency: Incentivated | Sector: Public | Format: Mobile

cs_i-cabwise.jpgMobile helps to reduce cab-related attacks by 46%

In an effort to reduce crime related to illegal taxis in London Incentivated launched the Cabwise initiative where by subscribers could text HOME to 60835 (spells ’G0TFL’) to receive local licensed minicab and taxi information in the area they are texting from. A Location Based Service search is used to pinpoint the subscriber’s exact location, enabling the relevant information to be identified and sent. The database of 45,000 licensed minicab operators and drivers is updated daily to maximise safety.

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Agency: Incentivated | Client: British Airways | Sector: Transport | Objective: Customer retention | Format: mobile and search

ba.jpgThrough the website customers could enter their mobile numbers to receive up-to-the minute flight and contact information. During disruption caused by terrorist activity in August 2006 over 20,000 SMS messages were sent to BA passengers and cabin crew in 87 countries over a four-day period, which was 18 times more traffic than the previous highest. This campaign combined direct response mechanics of search with the awareness building properties of graphical formats.

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