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Case Study: | Agency: Webcredible | Country: UK | Sector: Directory | Objectives: Optimisation, increasing conversion, brand repositioning | Format : Website is a free, impartial online and phone based comparison and switching service that helps customers compare prices on a range of services including gas, electricity, home phone, broadband providers and personal finance products. Webcredible were commissioned to work on ensuring the best possible user experience for the new site developments.
Webcredible carried out a comprehensive information architecture and interaction design project to help ensure that the site developments were focused around the needs of the user. This involved an online survey to establish user groups and goals, in-depth interviews to validate the findings from the survey, persona creation to form the basis for future strategy and wireframe creation to show how key pages should be laid out so users can find what they're looking for quickly and simply

20/01/2010  |  Full story...

Case study: Levis Jeans Jump | Sector: Fashion | Objectives: Brand awareness, brand positioning, cut-through, buzz | Format: Online media, monitoring and evaluation, strategic marketing models

cs_levis.jpgA challenge Levi's have is that they compete not only intensively in store for market share amoung their target consumers, but also for the time and attention their consumers have when they are exposed to media. The brand needed to find a way to engage that would achieve cut through.

Download the case study: Levis Jeans Jump | Watch the video

26/06/2009  |  Full story...

Case study: Carling Live | Agency: Various | Sector: FMCG | Objectives: Brand awareness, engagement | Format: Sponsorship, search, integrated marketing, strategic marketing models, web design

Carling LiveIn the crowded drinks sector Carling wanted to find a strategic way to achieve cut-through. They developed an award-winning strategy of sponsorship that was amplified on the web through sophisticated search engine marketing that gave the campaign a permanent place online. Carling realised that just as brands compete for a share of sales, they also compete for audience attention online so an alternative to simple advertising was needed.

Download the case study: Carling Live


Case study: Incredible India | Sector: Travel | Objectives: Purchase intent, reputation management | Format : Rich media, email

Case study: Incredible IndiaThe Government of India Ministry of Tourism wanted to promote India as the destination of choice among international travellers from the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The marketing strategy, which went beyond the traditional media mix, integrated online marketing so the Ministry could reach the increasing number of people who research their holiday destinations online. The Ministry understood the need for an interactive and engaging campaign to ensure message retention, as tourists choose international holiday decisions months ahead of actual travel dates.

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Case studies: Habitat’s social media blunder and Twitter spam | Sector: Retail | Format: Social Media

Habitat’s social media blunder and Twitter spamThe Habitat furniture store is among many brands to have misunderstood Twitter, blundering in to a private social space with typically offline approach. Their clumsy attempt to use Twitter’s # tags was an ill thought through way to get their messaging seen by larger numbers of people. The feed from HabitatUK effectively spammed thousands of people by trying to hijack key trending topics. Hash tags help people track conversations in Twitter, and the retailer decided in June to align itself to topics such as Apple’s iphone and the Iranian elections. It suggests three sequential failures in the marketing strategy: failing to read the landscape and the way people use the tools, failing to create a digitally native strategy and failing to have management checks and controls in place to identify poor practice. Coaching the marcomms team in digital marketing would have prevented this and a clear social media policy would ensure it never happens again.

More details on the Neoco blog that broke the story | Social media best practice | Social media case studies


Case study: Fish4jobs | Agency: Greenlight | Sector: Recruitment | Format: Search

Fish4 case studyThe UK’s largest classified jobs website, fish4jobs understood effective search marketing was key to realising their full potential. That’s why the recruitment site chose Greenlight to research, formulate and implement a strategy capable of clearing a vital pathway between fish4jobs and its customers in the period from January 2007 to March 2008.

When we started work on the campaign, fish4jobs held more than 40,000 live adverts and attracted in excess of 3.3 million unique users each month. In order to retain this strong market position and advance it further, the company recognised the importance of maintaining visibility in the fiercely competitive online recruitment industry. In Greenlight fish4jobs saw a clear opportunity to extend its reach even further – and deliver a larger audience to its advertisers.

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Case study: Reebok | Agency: Inside Mobile | Sector: Retail | Format: Mobile

Reebok Rondo'dWorld class strategic thinking, aligned with excellent creative. This is a ground-breaking campaign that sets the standard for what mobile marketing can achieve. Mobile was at the heart of a massive integrated campaign combining advertising, social media and experiential channels, creating discussion and building engagement. Astonishingly, the campaign was all put together in just 8 days.

Download Reebok Rondo'd case study

07/05/2009  |  Full story...

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