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Do digital content partnerships work? LG, Majestic Wines, Boots, Disney and Lenor examined


The Association of Online Publishers (AOP) has revealed the results of a proprietary study into the value of premium content partnerships. Five bespoke partnerships were measured with media brands Haymarket, Guardian, Telegraph, and IPC and advertising brands LG, Majestic Wines, Boots, Disney and Lenor. This case study looks into the effect of these partnerships, and how consumers engaged with the brands.

Brand: LG, Majestic Wines, Boots, Disney and Lenor | Sector: FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Entertatinement | Country: UK | Agency/Partner: Haymarket, Guardian, Telegraph, and IPC | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Content partnerships, display advertising, Video, Publishing

11/09/2013  |  Full story...

Flipboard uses Facebook logins to get 50% higher retention rate


Online magazine content aggregator Flipboard used Facebook to increase distribution by letting users discover and share content in a visually beautiful magazine style. Flipboard integrated Facebook News Feed, Walls, Pages, Photo Albums, and Photos Tagged of You as sections within the Flipboard social magazine. They also added Page and Group search via the Graph API, to help users discover new sections to add to their Flipboard. This resulted in 50% higher retention for users who signed into Facebook compared to who didn’t. Also the majority of users who connected to Facebook spent about half their time in Flipboard on the Facebook section

Facebook case study | Flipboard

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Brand: Flipboard | Sector: Entertainment / Technology | Objective: build brand engagement | Format: Facebook Page


Case study: Rocksound | Sector: Publishing | Format: Social media on Twitter

Rocksound TwitterA rock magazine for 15-24 year-olds has a naturally good fit with the profile of early adopting techno-heads. But that doesn’t mean their management team would know how to engage in the digital space or have the innovative spirit to try things out. But they do, they did, and here’s the result. It’s a great example of low cost digital publishing with the content driving brand adorers to build buzz about their passions and discussion about the brand.

Rocksound on Twitter


Client: VeriSign | Sector: Technology | Objective: Brand awareness, customer acquisition | Format: leaderboards and skyscrapers

The campaign ran in several business and technology magazines, including Forbes, CIO, Computer World and Network Computing, as well as targeting a B2B technology audience via online sites. The magazine ran one-page and two-page ads of striking black-and-white photos of large building projects, emphasising by analogy the reliability of VeriSign's infrastructure. Online, the ads were graphically similar but simpler, presented in leaderboard, large rectangle and skyscraper formats, with the copy emphasising security services. When readers saw both the magazine and online ads, their awareness, association and purchase intent for the security and directory services raised slightly (3-4 points), as did their impression of the brand as innovative (4 points). As for the white paper downloads, which was half of the measure of the online ads' success, the interactive ads were highly effective in doing so, generating more than 2,000 downloads, which exceeded the campaign's goal, compared to only 16 downloads attributable to the magazine ads.

Download VeriSign case study


Client: Ford | Sector: Automotive | Objective: Customer acquisition | Format: Banners

Ford has launched a cross media advertising campaign both on English and Spanish TV, radio, print, outdoor and via direct mail and online. The online ads that ran on auto-related pages proved to be the most cost effective at raising purchase intention: the portal roadblock ads and magazine ads were more expensive at raising purchase intention than in-market interactive ads, but they were both a great value in terms of cost-per-impact compared to television.

Download Ford case study


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