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Eyewear brand boosts engagement with Facebook ‘collections’ format

For its 2017 collaboration with Spanish clothing brand El Ganso, the eyewear brand Hawkers tested the collection ad format against photo ads, and found that the collection format boosted engagement by 86% and return on ad spend by 51%.


06/11/2017  |  Full story...

Twitter case study: Spanish retail app uses smart targeting to boost installs

Spanish retail app Tiendo increased downloads among its target audience, by using Twitter in smart ways to boost engagement.


04/01/2017  |  Full story...

Coca-Cola targets millennials with CokeTV YouTube channel

Coca-Cola has created popular YouTube channels in Europe, working with popular YouTube vloggers to take its CokeTV channel to the UK, Germany, France and Spain as the FMCG giant ramps up its content marketing strategy as a new way to engage teens with authentic “eye-level” communication.

21/07/2016  |  Full story...

Social media case study: ‘Justino’ film wins Christmas for Spanish Lottery

Forget John Lewis - the real winner of Christmas 2015 was this campaign for Spanish lottery firm Loterias y Apuestas del Estado. The Pixar-style ‘Justino’ film captured hearts while an engaging social media campaign built anticipation in the run up to the high-profile Christmas lottery draw- increasing spend to an astonishing €55 per person.

08/07/2016  |  Full story...

Video case study: Lotus invites strangers for ‘blind coffee’ dates

In a social experiment, Lotus Bakeries paired random people up for coffee meetings. This case study looks at how the ad achieved a 54% growth in Facebook fans with a 92% increase in brand interations.

30/07/2015  |  Full story...

No joke: Comedy club charges per laugh via facial recognition

Forget pay per click, how about pay per cackle? In a new digital take on admission fees, a comedy club in Barcelona used facial recognition software to charge per laugh, rather than per show. Back in June 2014, the Teatreneu clubrecorded each laugh from customers on a tablet on the back of the seat in front. The scheme, which uses facial recognition software, is now working so well that its helping the Spanish venue turn a larger profit. Entrance to the club is free, but each laugh amounts to €0.30 (£0.24) – to a maximum of 80 laughs for €24 (£18). The average ticket price is now up by €6 and it has resulted in 35 per cent more spectators.

29/10/2014  |  Full story...

Mahou-San Miguel uses online gaming to engage fans ahead of final

Mahou-San Miguel, the most important beer brand in Spain, leveraged its sports sponsorships by hosting an online game for consumers aged 18 to 50 leading up to a football match between two Madrid rivals. This case study looks at how the brand used online gaming to engage fans to reach 10% of Madrid’s population.

18/06/2014  |  Full story...

T-Mobile brings Angry Birds to life to get 10m views


This promotional video from T-Mobile highlighted the phenomenally popular “Angry Birds” mobile video games. Purportedly actual video of a promotional event held in Barcelona, Spain in May, the clip shows Angry Birds players at a kiosk in a public square which broadcasts their gameplay on a giant screen, followed by the eruption of large plastic bird heads into the square. The video attracted over 10 million views, and emphasised a key aspect of T-mobile offering in a fun and innovative way, while piggy-backing on the phenomenon of Angry Birds.

YouTube case study

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Brand: T-Mobile | Media: Video | Country: Spain | Sector: Mobile | Agency:Saatchi & Saatchi | Format: YouTube

01/08/2012  |  Full story...

Case study: How Leroy Merlin’s ‘offers carousel’ banner boosted brand engagement


Spanish homewares retailer Leroy Merlin used a dynamic ‘carousel’ offers banner to improve brand engagement, driving sales and enjoying a huge dwell rate in the process. Working with MediaMind, Leroy Merlin displayed 62 offers to consumers depending on date and user response. The banner was updated via XML feed, making any modification possible in real time without needing to stop any live ads. The three week campaign used adverts on leading home and decorating sites, the banners showcased the special offers and included video and an option to download catalogue in pdf format. The Dwell time was 85.91 seconds which is 78% greater than the benchmark 48.02 sec. The pdf catalogue was downloaded 2,577 times. Using the carousel –style browsing 32,393 views of discounts of the day was recorded for 13,400 products.

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Brand: Leroy Merlin |Country: Spain |Sector: Retail| Agency: OMD, Media Mind | Format: Dynamic Banner, Digital Shop, Carousel Format

View the campaign: Leroy Merlin | Download the Case Study: Offers Carousel


How Movistar used Twitter to engage sports fans on interactive banners


This ‘battle of the tweets’ football campaign pitted Real Madrid and Barcelona fans against each other to promote Spanish mobile network Movistar. The firm worked with MediaMind to engage with the target audiences, achieving dwell rates 3 times higher than the national average. The campaign invited fans of Real Madrid or Barcelona to tweet for their team and demonstrate support via banners on

Using interactive rich media advertising on, Movistar got readers to demonstrate their passion for soccer, with real time tweets appearing in the ad. More than 300,000 users viewed the campaign. The campaign used the homepage of as a huge screen based on a new masthead format of 990x250 . The average Dwell time of users interacting with the campaign was 53 seconds and average dwell rate 17.27% nearly 3 times the Spanish benchmark of 6%.

“The most striking thing is that the rate of impressions with dwell time was almost three times the average for the Spanish telecommunications sector, confirming this new format of as great brand placement” – Cesar Alonso, Head of Online Advertising at Movistar

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Brand: Movistar |Media: | Country: Spain |Sector: Telecommunications | Agency: McCann, Arena Quantum, Media Mind | Format: Twitter Connect, FileGrab

View the campaign: Movistar | Download the Case Study: Battle of the Tweets


Case Study: Motorola | Media: MSN | Country: Spain | Sector: IT telecommunications | Objective: Brand awareness, click-through, direct response, purchase intent | Format: Video, online advertising

Motorola.jpgInviting Spanish rock fans to jam online through MSN Video ensured a big audience reaction when Motorola’s new EM325 handset took to the stage. With ads on Windows Live Messenger alone delivering 39,500 click-throughs in 3 hours, a sell-out crowd was guaranteed.

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