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Case Study: Life Chats | Media: MSN | Country: Greece | Sector: IT telecommunications | Objective: Brand awareness, brand repositioning, buzz | Format: Social media

LifeChats.jpgAn anarchic Messenger agent, dedicated to showing up the shortcomings of traditional emoticons, sparked a rapid-growing revolution in the way Greek users chat online. “Face” did more than boost interest in the LifeCams and LifeChats range of webcams and headsets. Short-tempered and frequently hilarious, he was soon a star of the most popular Greek blogs with his own Facebook following.

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Case Study: Lacta’s video love story | Agency: OgilvyOne (Athens) | Country: Greece | Sector: FMCG | Objectives: Buzz, engagement, purchase intent | Format: Video, viral, branded content

cs_lacta.jpgCreating engagement and relevancy is tough for a chocolate bar. Lacta’s approach was to create the type of video content their target consumers might want to watch and play around with during a coffee break at work. It’s a video love story with genuine interaction. The linear video kicks off (probably after a link is forwarded to you by a friend). You then decide during the video which route the characters follow next. It’s a classic guy meets girl story, and creators OgilvyOne have managed to create an interesting interaction that lets you play with the characters and the situation. For us what made this work as a marketing tactic was a combination of how the story unfolded, the high quality production values and the tone of voice which was spot on for their Greek target audience. There’s around 20 segments to the video and the simple embedding of choices inside the streaming video is both compelling and seamless. Fortunately the two year journey only takes a few minutes to watch through, but it’s one of the neatest examples of non-linear storytelling we’ve seen in video based branded content. The product placement is clear but appropriate and by using the product to help tell the story it fits with the brand and creates some genuine interest from consumers. Our Digital Training Academy team in London certainly went off looking for Lacta bars straight afterwards! These guys scooped the Branded Content category at the MIXX Awards.

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30/10/2009  |  Full story...

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