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Client: VeriSign | Sector: Technology | Objective: Brand awareness, customer acquisition | Format: leaderboards and skyscrapers

The campaign ran in several business and technology magazines, including Forbes, CIO, Computer World and Network Computing, as well as targeting a B2B technology audience via online sites. The magazine ran one-page and two-page ads of striking black-and-white photos of large building projects, emphasising by analogy the reliability of VeriSign's infrastructure. Online, the ads were graphically similar but simpler, presented in leaderboard, large rectangle and skyscraper formats, with the copy emphasising security services. When readers saw both the magazine and online ads, their awareness, association and purchase intent for the security and directory services raised slightly (3-4 points), as did their impression of the brand as innovative (4 points). As for the white paper downloads, which was half of the measure of the online ads' success, the interactive ads were highly effective in doing so, generating more than 2,000 downloads, which exceeded the campaign's goal, compared to only 16 downloads attributable to the magazine ads.

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