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Tesco begins Street View Easter egg hunt


In spring 2013, Tesco launched an online Easter egg hunt, using Google Street View technology to allow players to explore their local streets to find virtual Easter eggs. The game requires users to type in their post code or use GPS on their mobile device to begin their search for thousands of virtual eggs, with a voucher for a chocolate bunny available for those who find three eggs. As well as chocolate prizes there are also some extra special golden eggs hidden, with the finders winning tablet computers.

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Brand: Tesco | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverage | Country: UK | Objective: Build brand enagagement, drive sales | Format: Google Maps/ Streetview

22/03/2013  |  Full story...

Esri enriches maps with Tweets and the Streaming API


In March 2011, a 9.0 magnitude eartchquake hit Japan with catastrophic results. Mapping software firm Esri turned tweets, Flickr images and YouTube posts to help people track to status of the location anfd the impact of the earcthquake, resulting in result in hundreds of thousands of page views. Adding Tweets to mapping technology gives insights into what people are saying and where they are saying it. It can highlight spatial trends in the conversation. Combining a Twitter conversation with authoritative data sources, like 911 calls, insurance claims, demographics, weather reports, and earthquake feeds, can provide a human perspective on the situation.

20/12/2012  |  Full story...

Starbucks puts new Latte to Facebook vote


Starbucks used Facebook to engage with fans by letting them choose which city gets the Pumpkin Spice Latte first. Starbucks let Facebook fans make the call on which U.S. and Canadian cities would get to enjoy the holiday-themed beverage for a week prior to the national launch. An app let fans earn points for their cities through activities like doing a city shout-out or solving a daily challenge, with the real-time leaderboard on Starbucks’ Page. It was a way to reward and empower the brand’s most passionate fans. The campaign resulted in Chicago and Calgary as the 2 winning cities from USA and Canada ans a total of 144 million points. Calgary was the winning Canadian city, earning 16 % of the 38 million points racked up across 142 cities, and Chicago was the winning city from USA beating out 2599 other cities.

Facebook case study

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Brand: Starbucks| Country: USA and Canada | Sector: Food and beverage| Objective: build brand engagement | Format: Facebook Page


City of San Diego uses 3D golf game to drive user engagement

The city of San Diego made smart use of rich media and gaming techniques to drive user engagement, getting a 2.54% click-through-rate from potential customers in the process…

San Diego worked with MediaMInd to use a golf-based game to promote the city as a premier golf destination, reaching out to golf enthusiasts using a combination of demographic, behavioural and geographic targeting. The campaign featured an interactive golf buggy driving game ‘Tee Box Derby ‘ embedded in a banner. The rich-media game showcased the city’s three premier golf courses as levels in the game, driving engagement with the brand. The campaign paid-off, achieving a CTR of 2.54% within the first two weeks alone. The In-banner engagement averaged 90-163 seconds, on different publishers.

Brand: San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau | Media: Interactive Game & banner ads | Country: USA | Sector: Travel & Tourism | Agency: MeringCarson, Illusion Factory & Media Mind | Format: Rich Media Interactive game | Objective: Promote San Diego as Premier resort & golf destination

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Case Study: Roy's Restaurants | Media: Google Admob | Country: USA | Sector: Hospitality | Objective: Lead generation, targetting | Format: Mobile only ads with hyperlocal ad feature and click to call functionality | Agency: G&M Plumbing

Hawaiian fusion fine dining restaurant Roy’s used a mobile ad campaign to maximise ROI. With the use of hyperlocal feature & click to call functionality on Google they targeted on the go customers searching for restaurants. This drove 40% increase in calls, and 539% higher clicks on the campaign as compared previous desktop campaigns. The purpose of the campaign was to increase call volumes and reservations.

Download the case study: Roy's Restaurants - Google Admob | Roy's Restaurants | Google Admob


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