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Elf and safety: Air New Zealand gets into the Hobbit for epic viral video

Most flight safety videos can be tedious affairs, but this new video from Air New Zealand transports us to Middle Earth, with a host of stars from the new Hobbit movies adding new meaning to ‘elf and safety’. The ad has become the airline's most successful ever, getting close to 120,000 people viewing it online every hour and clocking up a record 16 million online views within a week of release.

29/10/2014  |  Full story...

Lexus offers virtual test drive with Oculus Rift

In October 2014, Lexus became one of the first brands to use Oculus Rift virtual reality technology to promote its new NX car model. Teaming up with agency Amaze, the campaign provides and interactive consumer buying experience using Oculus Rift (OR) technology and the new DK2 headsets.

View the experience in action here:

23/10/2014  |  Full story...

Case study: Yves Saint Laurent ‘big’ digital branding pays off

YSL chose PageSkin Plus, with animated sidebars and the campaign video integrated into the large creative header, to promote the launch of their new Gloss Volupté lip gloss. This case study looks at how the luxury beauty brand achieved huge ad recall and brand uplift far above industry benchmarks.


22/10/2014  |  Full story...

CSR case study: Budweiser tackles drink driving with man’s best friend

Continuing the success of its Super Bowl ‘Puppy Love’ commercial, this Budweiser’s corporate social responsibility campaign carried another canine theme... and a powerful anti-drink drive message that got 20 million views within a month.

14/10/2014  |  Full story...

Digital marketing ROI: Five food brand campaigns that prove digital works

How do you measure success in a digital campaign? Getting more YouTube fans, Facebook likes or newsletter sign ups is all well and good, but do these actually translate to more sales and justify the initial spend? We look back at some of the best food campaigns of the past year that show how digital success translates into real world cash.

30/09/2014  |  Full story...

Search case study: Photobox gets better search ROI with Bing Ads

In May 2013, Photobox worked with Bing ads to boost the online digital photo service’s online presence. This case study looks at how the firm achieved 25% lower costs than expected- boosting efficiency and winning customers as a result.

01/09/2014  |  Full story...

Case study: Lexus uses ‘three screen sequence’ advertising with Microsoft

Car brand Lexus ran a six-week test to grab the attention of 25- to 34-year-old male users with a campaign for its F-series performance vehicles, using an ad campaign that spanned three platforms in partnership with Microsoft.

06/08/2014  |  Full story...

Adidas boosts World Cup sponsorship with cross platform display ads

To reinforce its World Cup sponsorship, Adidas worked with InSkin Media to run this World Cup display campaign optimised to get the most from desktop and tablet publishing sites.

adidas wmv from Danny Meadows-Klue on Vimeo.

05/08/2014  |  Full story...

Papa Johns smashes engagement benchmark with programmatic native ads

Ball Street, the company behind the 451 digital football show, has beaten its engagement benchmark by 71% after deploying a programmatic native approach. Working with RadiumOne, Ball Street developed video content, sponsored by Papa John’s, and pushed it out in three bursts around matches with a deciding role in the race for the Premier League title (Liverpool v Chelsea, Crystal Palace v Liverpool and Man City v West Ham).

View a sample of the show with Papa John's Sponsorship below:

28/07/2014  |  Full story...

Display ad case study: Specsavers uses visual engagement to smash benchmarks


Extending their ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ TV campaign online, the Specsavers i-Roll campaign smashed visual engagement benchmarks. The case study looks at how the optician expanded its appeal to a broad 25-54 audience.

02/07/2014  |  Full story...

How Nando's became the most popular restaurant chain on social media


Nando's currently leads the UK food and drink chain market for social media, ahead of Dominos, TGI Fridays and Starbucks. This case study looks at how much of Nando's success to a series of creative and integrated social media campaigns that stood out ahead of the likes of Starbucks and McDonald's.

02/07/2014  |  Full story...

'More robots than humans' saw Mercedes-Benz ad

Online ads for Mercedes were seen more often by fraudster robots than humans, according to a new report. The Financial Times reports that the Mercedes-Benz ads were accidentally placed on to fraudulent websites by Rocket Fuel, a Nasdaq-listed ad technology company that went public with a market capitalisation of nearly $1bn last year. According to Telemetry, a UK company which specialises in detecting ad fraud, in a sample of 365,000 ad impressions brokered by Rocket Fuel over three weeks, 57 per cent were “viewed” by automated computer programs rather than real people. The allegation will raise concerns about fraud in the fast-growing online advertising market, which expanded 15% last year to $120bn.


28/05/2014  |  Full story...

Square Meal gets 400% conversion boost with predictive technology


Restaurant booking service Square Meal saw a 67% increase in click-through rates and 400% boost in conversion by switching to Emarsys Predict. This case study looks at how the use of the new self-learning marketing engine boosted customer response. Using data from a customers’ most recent online behaviour to develop a constantly-evolving algorithm, the firm delivered automated campaigns, emulating customer targeting used by e-commerce giants such as Amazon and eBay.

25/03/2014  |  Full story...

Case study: Watch retailer campaign gets 1,300% ROI with remarketing


A precision remarketing campaign from digital agency Periscopix has resulted in 1,300% ROI for Watchfinder, the premium, pre-owned watch retailer. Average order value on the site has increased by 13% as a result of the campaign.

Brand: Watchfinder | Sector: Luxury, retail | Country: UK | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Agency/ Partner: Periscopix | Format: Remarketing, Display advertising, behavioral targeting, web design

19/03/2014  |  Full story...

Toblerone boosts sales 132% with national ‘Thank You’ day


Kraft Foods worked communications partner GeiserMaclang to create a ‘national thank you day’ in the Philippines to promote its Tobelerone confectionery brand. The campaign was a huge success which can be proved from the fact that official website generated nearly 500,000 hits and the Toblerone sales escalated 132%.

Brand: Toblerone | Sector: Food | Country: Philippines | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Video, YouTube, Viral

20/02/2014  |  Full story...

The fail trail: 15 worst digital marketing blunders of 2013

It’s true that a life without mistakes is a life not truly lived- but we can be sure the Kellogg’s marketing department could have lived without promising to feed hungry children in exchange for retweets. As 2013 draws to a close, we look as some of the biggest digital marketing fails of the year, from the horsemeat scandal and HMV’s live-blogged mass sackings to Facebook’s ‘Home’ flop and the Xbox ‘deal with it’ Twitter outburst. Read on, learn from the mistakes and hope your team doesn’t make the list in 2014….

Country: Global | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Video, YouTube, Viral, social, Mobile, search

22/01/2014  |  Full story...

Case study: Burton increases digital sales by 395% with omni-channel approach


Menswear fashion brand, Burton recently launched an initiative across the performance channel, adopting a ‘channel neutral approach’ increasing conversions and sales by 395% in the process. With the increased exposure given across the publishers sites, Burton saw a significant increase in activity. Affiliate traffic increased by 260% on the previous week while the offer also converted exceptionally well at 14.5% click to sale.

Brand: Burton | Sector: Clothing | Country: UK | Agency/Partner: Affiliate Window | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Mobile, design, affiliate

18/09/2013  |  Full story...

10 examples of how Samsung adapted locally for worldwide success


Samsung ships millions of products every day to customers around the world. With a worldwide customer base, but to be successful, the electronics giant does not subscribe to a one size fits all philosophy. Its employees observe people's lives to give give them options that meet their varying cultural and regional needs. This case study offers a rare insight into how Samsung localises its products for the many markets it serves around the world, with 10 examples from different regions.

Brand: Samsung | Sector: Consumer Electronics | Country: Global | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase |

17/09/2013  |  Full story...

Display ad case study: Clinique ‘pageskin’ rich media campaign


To promote its latest Clinique product range, M2M worked with InSkin Media to run an innovative rich media ad on key sites. This high-impact campaign stayed true to the brand's values of high-quality creativity and innovation. To promote Clinique's new Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+, ISM created a clean, animated PageSkin, for desktop and tablet, targeted to a range of premium female sites. The bespoke microsite hosted the product video, and directed users to buy the lotion and engage with the brand on social sites.

View the campaign creative here

Brand: Clinique | Sector: FMCG, Health and Beauty | Country: US | Agency/Partner: InSkin Media | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Mobile, Display advertising


Pepsi mobile competition challenges users to ‘move like Beyonce’


Pepsi invited fans to submit dance moves via 10-second mobile videos, offering the chance to appear in a video with the singer herself in New York, as the drinks brand looks to increase its reach to mobile users. The soft drink giant’s new summer initiative integrates with the brand’s current TV commercial featuring Beyonce to add a promotional element to its video efforts.
Pepsi’s campaign points to the growing interest from brands to incorporate user-generated mobile video to engage with consumers.

Brand: Pepsi | Sector: FMCG, Food and beverage | Country: US |Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Mobile, Video, YouTube, Viral, Social media

11/07/2013  |  Full story...

Pepsi Max levitation stunt gets 3m YouTube views

Pepsi Max worked with British magician to produce this head-scraching levitation stunt on top of a London double decker bus- getting nearly 3 million YouTube views and plenty of press attention in the process. Working with Pepsi Max and agency Arnold KLP, Dynamo asks us to "Take a moment, and look at things with a different perspective". He then takes his own advice and proceeds to float alongside an iconic double-decker. The spot also makes clever use of technology. Dynamo brings his smartphone along to record his POV, while the camera focuses on the snap-happy crowd. Attaching the hashtag #LiveForNow was also a smart move.

Brand: Pepsi | Sector: FMCG, Food and beverage | Country: UK | Partner/agency: Arnold KLP | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Outdoor, Video, YouTube, Viral, Social media

10/07/2013  |  Full story...

Coca-Cola unites Pakistani and Indian consumers via ‘Small World Machines’

Coca-Cola’s latest online video campaign taking Cannes by storm featured a ‘Small World Machine’, linking Indians and Pakistanis via a live communications portal- getting 1.5 million YouTube views in the process. The viral, created by Leo Burnett Sydney for Coca-Cola, placed two camera equipped Coke vending machines set up in Lahore and Delhi. The film features Indians and Pakistanis interacting with each other, via the machine. Despite sharing historical and cultural links, the borders of India and Pakistan are divided by barbed wire with both nations sharing mutual hostility and suspicion. This ad from Coca-Cola aimed to break down these barriers with new technology to share common interests in a fun way. The key to engaging with each other through the machines was simple: people in India and Pakistan could complete a task, like touching hands, drawing peace, love, and happiness symbols -- together.

Brand: Pepsi | Sector: FMCG, Food and beverage | Country: India, Pakistan | Partner/agency: Leo Burnett Sydney | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Mobile, Outdoor, Video, YouTube

10/07/2013  |  Full story...

Email case study: Boden revamps data strategies for customer acquisition and email targeting


UK fashion retailer Boden worked with Experian to better understand the data that sits at the core of its online business and revamp the way they use it - both in digital and offline format. Through smart use of customer databases Boden improved its direct mail offering and found ways to beter target and segment its customer database.

Read the full case study here

Brand: Boen | Sector: Clothing, retail | Country: US | Partner/agency: Experian ChetahMail | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Email

10/07/2013  |  Full story...

Skype case study: Vans lets callers design skate park together

Vans is a brand known for youthful and creative self-expression. Working with Vans and Rooster Worldwide, Microsoft built a concept campaign on Skype that takes advantage of Skype’s unique ability to connect people in rich ways. The concept would give two Skype callers the ability to simultaneously design a Vans-branded skateboard park while they’re on a Skype video call together. As a reward, the Skype callers are taken on a video ride of their park with a Vans Pro skater. The park also becomes a landing page for Vans to merchandise its latest shoes and show video recaps of Vans Pros in action. Skype users could then share the Vans content and videos with their friends.

Brand: Vans | Sector: Clothing and Footwear | Country: US | Partner/agency: Microsoft/ Rooster Worldwide| Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Skype


Mercedes targets young drivers with internet star

Mercedes-Benz USA was looking for a creative way to bridge the gap between the January announcement of the Mercedes CLA, a new model targeting a younger demographic, and the vehicle going on sale in September. To reach this audience, Mercedes engaged with director and social star Casey Neistat to create a series of films and a TV spot, which will air in the fall. To keep the CLA top of mind, Microsoft worked with Razorfish to create an engaging experience that takes advantage of how Casey is documenting his creative process using social platforms. This new execution seamlessly aggregates and arranges real-time content from multiple social channels (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube) to create an interactive, immersive and shareable narrative to keep consumers interested and engaged until the model is available in the fall.

Brand: Mercedes | Sector: Automotive | Country: US | Partner/agency: Microsoft/ Razorfish | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Social media, Publishing


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