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Video case study: How ‘10 hours walking in NYC’ became the most talked-about viral of the year

Just what is it like to be a woman walking the streets of New York City alone? This controversial video from non-profit organisation Hollaback! filmed the real-life reactions of men as a woman walks around the city. This case study looks at how the video put street harassment in the spotlight, getting a huge 37 million views in just three weeks.


19/11/2014  |  Full story...

Video case study: Peugeot reboots action-packed 80’s ad gets 12m views

Back in 1984, Peugeot ran a James Bond-style ad to promote its 205 model, replete with helicopter chases, explosions and glamorous women. In 2014 the ad returned… with a digital twist. Launched on YouTube on October 1st 2014, the reboot of '80s campaign "The Legend," has already generated piled up more than 12 million views in a month.

06/11/2014  |  Full story...

CSR case study: Budweiser tackles drink driving with man’s best friend

Continuing the success of its Super Bowl ‘Puppy Love’ commercial, this Budweiser’s corporate social responsibility campaign carried another canine theme... and a powerful anti-drink drive message that got 20 million views within a month.

14/10/2014  |  Full story...

Leukaemia marrow donation – online films and PR creates a brand

A new approach to registering as a marrow donor by combining a government registration process with simple plasters. Online PR, YouTube views, and activity to influence the influencers (in this case through TED talks), unlocked a leap in awareness and an increase in sales of almost 2000%.

10/10/2014  |  Full story...

Digital marketing ROI: Five food brand campaigns that prove digital works

How do you measure success in a digital campaign? Getting more YouTube fans, Facebook likes or newsletter sign ups is all well and good, but do these actually translate to more sales and justify the initial spend? We look back at some of the best food campaigns of the past year that show how digital success translates into real world cash.

30/09/2014  |  Full story...

YouTube case study: Restaurant gets diners to ‘pay with a kiss’

Forget QR Codes or PayPal- this low-budget digital marketing campaign in Australia got restaurant diners to pay for their food with a kiss. This case study looks at how Metro St James played on its romantic French image with a YouTube viral and mobile app that generated half a million internet mentions and a raft of earned media space.

18/09/2014  |  Full story...

PacSun partners YouTube content creators for back-to-school campaign

To coincide with the back to school season, clothing brand PacSun has released a four-video series in partnership with a popular YouTube fashion channel. See why it’s our video viral of the week below.

28/08/2014  |  Full story...

Crowdfunding case study: How Simon’s Cat broke the UK record

In July 2014, the Simon’s Cat campaign on Indieogo smashed UK crowdfunding records by successfully raising more than £284,000 / $478,000 to produce their first ever broadcast-length colour film. Over 9000 supporters contributed amounts ranging between £1 and £2000 towards the production budget of ‘Off to the Vet’ – the most ambitious Simon’s Cat animated film ever. In exchange for their donations, supporters are offered early viewing of the finished film as well as numerous physical rewards which included limited edition books, artwork and merchandise. A select number of funders will even be rewarded by having their pet drawn by Simon Tofield, the creator of Simon’s Cat.

18/08/2014  |  Full story...

YouTube case study: Tampon ad throws most awkward party ever (and gets 25 million views)

Who knew a party to celebrate a girl’s first period could be so much fun? This taboo-breaking ad from tampon subscription service HelloFlo has taken the web by storm. In just over three weeks since launch, “First Moon Party” has garnered more than 25 million views. The spot’s also been widely shared on social media, receiving more than 200,000 Facebook interactions and 6000 Tweets.

09/07/2014  |  Full story...

Video case study: How Budweiser’s ‘Puppy Love’ ad won the Super Bowl ad battle

Back in February 2014, Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” became the runaway winner of Super Bowl 2014. The cute commercial, which tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a horse and a puppy, was not only the most shared video online, but also the ad which attracted the most TV coverage. This case study from Unruly Media looks at how the commercial became an internet sensation- racking up over 50m YouTube views by within 3 months.

21/05/2014  |  Full story...

Heart-warming Thai insurance ad gets 6 million views in a week

Thai Life used a longform YouTube video to tell a heart-warming tale of an unsung hero who never gets rewarded for his acts of kindness. Or so it seems. This case study looks at how the Bangkok-based insurance firm used the 'Unsung Hero' ad to get 6 million views after being posted on YouTube for just a week.

16/04/2014  |  Full story...

Evian baby takes on Spider-Man with SnapChat teaser

Evian has continued its hugely successful dancing babies series with a new ad featuring Spider-Man, as the new superhero movie hits the cinemas. Evian’s social media agency We Are Social create buzz around the video with glimpses of the ad sent to the brand’s Snapchat followers on Saturday 21 March. Laurence Foucher, the global digital manager for Evian, said of the decision to introduce the ad on Snapchat: "Snapchat’s ephemeral nature is perfect for sending teasers to build excitement, which makes it the perfect platform to preview our next campaign."

14/04/2014  |  Full story...

April Fools' round-up: HTC’s Gluuv, Vegemite Energy drink and Google’s Pokemon challenge

April Fool’s Day has become a major event in the digital calendar, with many brands and media owners creating elaborate pranks to show off their funny side (and get plenty of social media shares and column inches in the process). We’ve put together some of the best hoaxes from this year's batch for your viewing pleasure…

11/04/2014  |  Full story...

Aliens invade bus shelter for Pepsi Max stunt

London commuters witnessed alien invasions, escaped tigers and giant tentacles emerging from a bus stop window, as part of this new video campaign from Pepsi Max. This case study looks at how the drinks brand generated 5 million YouTube views in a fortnight from a single YouTube upload (and some digital effects trickery)...

02/04/2014  |  Full story...

Video case study: Table Tennis star takes on robot to get 1m views in 2 days

In March 2014, Industrial robot firm Kuka Robotics ran a new YouTube video campaign, pitting table tennis star Timo Boll against a high speed robot. The teaser trailer for it racked up over a million YouTube views in February, and the full length version eclipsed it. The video has already racked up over 1.2m views on YouTube after just two days online.

31/03/2014  |  Full story...

Video case study: How Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel got 600,000 subscribers

For years, Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube channel on YouTube had low engagement and flat subscriber numbers. This case study looks at how the team behind the channel created online buzz and interactive elements (including the chance to slap the celebrity chef himself) to help it become one of YouTube’s most successful food channels with 1.8 million monthly views.

21/03/2014  |  Full story...

Procter and Gamble Winter Olympics ad gets 17m views

Procter & Gamble was the clear winner among sponsors of the 2014 Winter Olympics on YouTube, racking up 27 million views through the first week of the Games with videos including "Pick Them Back Up," which depicts the journey mothers and children go though on their way to sporting success.

Brand: P&G | Sector: FMCG | Country: Global | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Viral, Social Media, YouTube, Video

05/03/2014  |  Full story...

Video case study: David Beckham bares all in shoppable H&M superbowl TV ad

Ahead of the 2014 SuperBowl Final, H&M let fans buy David Beckham’s range of underwear directly from their TV in a new interactive commercial. The Swedish clothes retailer offered viewers the chance to pick from alternative versions of the star performing some impressive stunts as he tries to get to safety in his signature briefs. Voting began ahead of the final and promoted nine pieces from the ex-footballer’s Spring range. The ad was preceded by a Twitter campaign where fans get to choose whether he bares all in the ad or not.

Brand: H&M | Sector: Clothing | Country: USA | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Viral, Social Media, Sport, YouTube, Video, TV

03/03/2014  |  Full story...

Head and Shoulders dandruff stunt gets half a million views

To mark Valentines Day 2014, shampoo brand Head & Shoulders partnered with Saatchi & Saatchi in the Philippines to run a hidden camera viral campaign, featuring young men on a blind date with a lady (played by an actress) who has really bad dandruff. The campaign has attracted over 500,000 YouTube views so far, and has been featured in local media, including a talk show.

Brand: Head & Shoulders Sector: FMCG, Health and Beauty | Agency/Partner: Saatchi & Saatchi | Country: Philippines | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Video, YouTube, Viral

20/02/2014  |  Full story...

Social case study: Lays expands ‘Do Us A Flavour’ into year-long social media campaign

Lay’s is running a second campaign for its crowdsourced “Do Us A Flavour” ads, this time incorporating Instagram and Twitter, as Pepsico’s crisp brand looks to boost its reach on smartphones and tablets.

Watch this case study from last year’s US campaign:

Brand: Lays/ Walkers/ PepsiCo | Sector: FMCG, Food | Country: US and UK | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Video, YouTube, Viral, social, Mobile

22/01/2014  |  Full story...

Video case study: Pepsi Max gets 40m YouTube views with ‘Uncle Drew’ basketball star

Pepsi is running a YouTube series capturing the life of an old man with seemingly supernatural basketball skills, attracting nearly 40 million views with brand engagement that extends far beyond a 30-second TV commercial.

Brand: Pepsi Max | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverages | Country: US | Partner/agency: The Marketing Arm | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: YouTube, Social Media, Video

06/11/2013  |  Full story...

Video case study: Diamond Nut ‘Fantasies’ series focuses on bakers' rewards

US snack brand Diamond has launched an engaging (but also bizarre) campaign "Diamond Nut Fantasies". Recognizing that the average cook rarely get the praise and appreciation they deserve, this series of YouTube spots plays with the idea that baking them a treat with Diamond Nuts could help people transform to be the husband, neighbour, child and boyfriend of their dreams. This series of YouTube spots were based on research that showed that Diamond Nut customers--two-thirds of whom were women--bake in large part not just because they care, but for the praise and compliments they get. So the agency imagined what it would be like if everyday people gushed with appreciation for the food they make.

Brand: Diamond | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverages | Country: US | Partner/agency: Deutsch LA, Biscuit Filmworks | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: YouTube, Social Media

06/11/2013  |  Full story...

Yorkshire Tea brews up viral success with YouTube song

The advert imitates Old Spice's classic ‘The man your man could smell like’ ad, with an engaging walk through a myriad of scenes celebrating the fun and frivolous side of a good cup of tea, whilst showcasing the soothing effects of a proper brew. Yorkshire Tea has taken to YouTube, with an epic song celebrating the virtues of the old fashioned cuppa, incorporating zombies, brass bands and even the odd Skyrim reference. To boost engagement, the YouTube ad ends with a call to action getting the viewer to click through to a behind the scenes video, along with links to the Yorkshire Tea homepage and the company's official Facebook page, both of which continue the ‘Tea Song’ branding.

Brand: Yorkshire Tea | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverages | Country: UK | Partner/agency: Rubber Republic, The Viral Ad Network | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: YouTube, Social Media

06/11/2013  |  Full story...

Baileys Christmas campaign gets social for year-long impact

For Christmas 2013, Baileys took a different approach, ditching festive imagery for a message about friends that resonated all year round. This case study looks at how the Diageo brand used traditional media as well as banners, pre-rolls, and social media. The campaign, under the slogan ‘Baileys, let’s do this again’, was composed of five TV executions, six print and outdoor executions, and various digital executions (banners, pre-rolls, RM, social media).

Brand: Baileys | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverages, Alcohol | Country: UK | Partner/agency: We Are Social | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: TV, Video, YouTube

29/10/2013  |  Full story...

Ecommerce case study: Smirnoff creates cocktail bar experience online with ‘shoppable videos’

In October 2012, Diageo partnered with Amazon to launch a Smirnoff-branded YouTube channel for fans to purchase ‘party items’ directly from featured YouTube videos. This case study looks at how the Diageo brand replicated the nightlife experience to engage and convert viewers online.

Brand: Smirnoff | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverages, Alcohol | Country: US | Partner/agency: We Are Social | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Amazon, Ecommerce, Video, YouTube

29/10/2013  |  Full story...

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