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Cannes Cyber Lions winners: Nike and Curators of Sweden


Sportswear brand Nike and a Swedish tourism campaign scooped the top digital prizes at the 59th Annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the largest and most coveted awards in the industry’s calendar. A key theme that the judges found this year was a shift from storytelling to behaviour, with the most successful campaigns showcasing what a brand can do, rather than via ‘stunts’ or clever messages that create buzz but have little substance or relation to the brand.

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Brand: Nike, Curators of Sweden | Media: Video, Twitter, Facebook | Country: Global

14/09/2012  |  Full story...

Viral marketing case study: KLM 'Surprise' sparks 1m tweets


At the end of 2010, KLM decided to give something a little extra special to its passengers waiting to board its flights – some personalised random acts of kindness. Using information from Foursquare and Twitter, KLM identified passengers currently checked in and waiting to board KLM flights. A quick search of each person’s social media profile garnered info about their personal interests/reasons for flying. Staff then purchased appropriate gifts which they gave to passengers prior to boarding their flight. More than 40 people were presented with gifts and, being social media users, the campaign received 1m+ impressions on Twitter alone. While the stunt certainly seems time exhaustive, it was enough to generate 1m positive Tweets, while this follow up YouTube ad leaves lasting positive brand impression.

Video case study

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Brand: KLM | Media: YouTube, Twitter | Country: Netherlands | Sector: Travel | Format: Video and social media

04/09/2012  |  Full story...

The Muppets 'Pig With The Froggy Tattoo' Teaser Trailer gets 10m + views


After a 12-year break from the big screen, Disney needed to reinvigorate interest in the Muppets brand ahead of their forthcoming movie. Throughout the year, Disney has been running spoof trailers on YouTube mimicking popular movies at the time, giving The Green Lantern, The Hangover Part 2, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Twilight, Puss in Boots, Captain America, Twilight and Paranormal Activity a muppets twist. Meanwhile, the opening trailer Green with Envy began as a generic romantic comedy, but it quickly shape shifted into a trailer for The Muppets. The Muppets marketing encompassed nearly everything in pop culture and in doing so it gained the attention of millions around the world.

Video case study

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Brand: Disney | Media: YouTube | Country: Global | Sector: Entertainment, Film | | Format: Video

04/09/2012  |  Full story...

John Lewis Christmas advert 2011 gets 3m views


John Lewis’s Christmas ads have become something of an annual event, and this year's £6m commercial caused quite a stir on Twitter, pushing YouTube views up past the 3 million mark, and ensuring blanket media coverage. The ad follows the story of a little boy as he impatiently waits for Christmas Day to arrive.

Video case study

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Brand: John Lewis | Media: YouTube | Country: UK | Sector: FMCG, Retail | Agency: Adam & Eve | Format: Video and social media

04/09/2012  |  Full story...

Facebook case study: Interactive Police video asks Who Killed Deon?


This video campaign used Facebook to campaign against knife crime. Set up the Metropolitan Police, this campaign highlighted Joint Enterprise a little-known law that means anyone knowingly involved in a murder can be charged with murder. To show how even small actions lead to a murder charge, agency Lab created ‘Who Killed Deon?’, a murder mystery Facebook page, inviting viewers to hunt the killer. At its peak, the campaign achieved 250 comments a day, with an average dwell time of 8 minutes. It was 'liked' by 50% of viewers at its peak- 5 times the average of all Facebook campaigns.

Video case study

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Brand: Public Safety Video (UK Police) | Media: YouTube and Facebook | Country: UK | Sector: Government | Agency: COI | Format: Video and social media

04/09/2012  |  Full story...

KLM plays airline matchmaker with ‘Meet and Seat’


KLM’s quirky ‘Meet and Seat’ passenger matchmaking campaign has already drawn many plaudits. Now it’s ramping up awareness with a number celebrity endorsements on YouTube. KLM Meet & Seat campaign was designed by Tribal DDB Amsterdam. It lets people who booked a flight find interesting people aboard that same flight. The new Be My Guest campaign supports this launch, letting users have a ‘virtual chat’ with Dutch celebs, with the that chance that may become your travel companion. The campaign, which went live at the end of May, has already notched up over 10 million YouTube views in total across all videos.

YouTube case study

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Brand: KLM | Media: YouTube | Country: Netherlands |Sector: Travel | Agency: Tribal DDB Amsterdam | Format: Video

30/08/2012  |  Full story...

Viral marketing case study: Skittles Touch: Cat gets 5m views


In the age of touchscreen and interactivity, Skittles used an endearingly old-school method of engaging (and ultimately creeping out) the viewer with this series of ‘Touch’ ads on its YouTube channel. The best of the bunch was this ‘cat’ commercial, which has so far notched up 5 million views. Wrigley has long abandoned traditional advertising for their Skittles brand, and have instead decided to create one increasingly bizarre ad after another. While their earlier attempts have not really set the digital world on fire, this new campaign “Touch The Rainbow” has turned out to be an online success.

YouTube case study

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Brand: Skittles | Media: Video | Country: US |Sector: FMCG | Agency: BBDO Toronto; | Format: YouTube

01/08/2012  |  Full story...

Viral marketing case study: The T-Mobile Royal Wedding gets 20m views


The sight of Prince William leapfrogging Prince Harry, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams getting his groove on and other royals dancing their way down the aisle was enough to create one of the most successful virals of the year. To date it the T-Mobile video has received more than 20 million views - that's not so far off the number who watched the big day on television in the UK.
The video was conceived by the mobile carrier brand T-Mobile and has gained well over 20 million views since being uploaded to YouTube on April 15. Set to East 17's "House of Love".

YouTube case study

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Brand: T-Mobile | Media: Video | Country: US |Sector: FMCG | Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi | Format: YouTube

01/08/2012  |  Full story...

Dead Island 'rewinds' official announcement trailer to get 8m Views


In a year of high-profile game releases, this trailer for the relatively unknown game Dead Island was by far the most talked about console ad this year. With an innovative 'reverse story telling' premise, the trailer charts the tragic fate of a family caught up in a Zombie outbreak on a tropical paradise (warning: trailer below contains gory violence). Unlike the typical video game ad, which usually focuses on the action and intensity of the gameplay, the Dead Island trailer tells the emotional story of a family destroyed. The trailer generated 8 million views on Youtube, and tens of thousands of likes on Axis Animation’s Facebook page.

YouTube case study

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Brand: Techland | Media: Video | Country: US |Sector: Games, Media | Agency: Axis Animation | Format: YouTube

01/08/2012  |  Full story...

Volkswagen uses 'The Force' to net 45m YouTube views


This Volkswagen ad originally aired during the February 2011 Super Bowl broadcast, featuring a little boy dressed as “Star Wars” villain Darth Vader. He tries to use The Force to get his dog to rise, open the dryer, move a sandwich across the counter, and all in vain. Finally, dad comes home in the Passat. Junior Darth starts with the Jedi gesticulations to get the car to do something. Dad uses remote start from inside the house to fire up the ignition. His son is shocked. He got the force to work. He thinks he started the car with Jedi mind tricks. The ad combines humor with feel-good cutesiness and pop culture, and was one of the biggest virals of the year, generating a huge 45 million views on Youtube.

YouTube case study

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Brand: Volkswagen | Media: Video | Country: US | Sector: Automotive | Agency: Deutsch LA | Format: YouTube

01/08/2012  |  Full story...

T-Mobile brings Angry Birds to life to get 10m views


This promotional video from T-Mobile highlighted the phenomenally popular “Angry Birds” mobile video games. Purportedly actual video of a promotional event held in Barcelona, Spain in May, the clip shows Angry Birds players at a kiosk in a public square which broadcasts their gameplay on a giant screen, followed by the eruption of large plastic bird heads into the square. The video attracted over 10 million views, and emphasised a key aspect of T-mobile offering in a fun and innovative way, while piggy-backing on the phenomenon of Angry Birds.

YouTube case study

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Brand: T-Mobile | Media: Video | Country: Spain | Sector: Mobile | Agency:Saatchi & Saatchi | Format: YouTube

01/08/2012  |  Full story...

Viral marketing case study: Tipp- Ex 'A Hunter Shoots a Bear' gets 26m views


Initially launched in 2010, this ad for European correction fluid Tipp-Ex continued its success into the new year. To coincide with the back-to-school period, Tipp-ex, promoted its whiteout Pocket Mouse. The ad features two obnoxious hunters confronted by a bear, and lets the viewer choose their own ending by typing a verb into the ‘tipp-exed area’. The video has so far racked up over 26 million views, with the average number of verbs tipped in by user coming in at 15.

YouTube case study

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Brand: Tipp-Ex | Media: Video | Country: Global | Sector: FMCG, Stationary | Agency: Buzzman | Format: YouTube

01/08/2012  |  Full story...

Viral marketing case study: Carlsberg stunt with bikers in cinema gets 10m views


This viral video for Carlsberg beer shows what are purportedly real-life “innocent” couples entering a Belgian movie theater that happens to be filled with 148 mean-looking bikers. While most couples leave, the ones brave enough to take their seats are rewarded with a burst of applause and a toast with bottles of Carlsberg beer as the message, "That calls for a Carlsberg" comes up on the cinema screen. Brussels-based ad agency Duval Guillaume Modem came up with the stunt, which was staged in a cinema in Belgium. Carlsberg introduced its new strapline at the beginning of the year to promote itself as a beer that stands for tradition, quality and great taste.

YouTube case study

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Brand: Carlsberg | Media: Video | Country: Belgium | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverage | Agency: Duval Guillaume | Format: YouTube

01/08/2012  |  Full story...

Viral marketing case study: Smartwater: The Jennifer Anniston 'Sex Tape' gets 10m views


With over ten millions views, the Smartwater video or better titled ‘Jennifer Anniston Sex Tape’ has been a smash hit. A humorous self-parody, it includes all the attributes of the ultimate viral; cute animals, dancing babies, and a beautiful woman (Jennifer Anniston) acting seductively. The real reason the video has been successful is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a clever campaign that’s able to parody successful viral videos while at the same time weaving together the same ingredients (humour, sex, celebrity) into its own.

YouTube case study

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Brand: Smartwater | Media: Video | Country: US | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverage | Agency: Zambezi | Format: YouTube

01/08/2012  |  Full story...

Case study: Search engine marketing strategy as Converse creates entertainment from Google


This case study from Conserve has to be the most innovative approach to search engine marketing that we have ever seen. In order to connect with their youth audience in a highly targeted and personal way Converse exploited the search engines results page by cleverly bidding on long tail keyphrases that they could assume were teenager generated.

This enabled them to own paid search advertising spaces (otherwise unexploited) to start a conversation and capture response (at a very low cost) from their target audience. With this simple tactic in place they generated numerous low cost microsites that collectively captured the imagination of their audience.

More on the case study:
Brand: Converse | Media: Search and websites | Country: USA / Global | Agency: Anomaly | Sector: Clothing - Footwear | Objective: Build brand equity, create relevant entertainment experiences | Format: Search engine marketing strategy that combines search with entertainment and microsites

25/05/2012  |  Full story...

Old Spice returns with 'Believe In Your Smellf' YouTube ads


Old Spice has become a byword for successful viral marketing since its 2010 YouTube campaign racked up over 40 million views and a 107% sales uplift for the deodorant brand. This follow up introduces Champion, the brand's newest addition to its product range. Procter and Gamble worked with agency Wieden & Kennedy Portland, the team behind the 2010 ads to produce the three YouTube virals, entitled ‘I Can Do Anything’, ‘Never Again’ and ‘Sand Car’.

More on this Case Study:
Old Spice | Country: US | Sector: FMCG | Objective: Brand repositioning | Format: Video Viral, Social Media | Agency: Wieden & Kennedy Portland »

23/05/2012  |  Full story...

How PepsiCo India uses Facebook Reach Block to get 19 million video ad views


Ahead of the Cricket World Cup 2011, PepsiCo India used Facebook’s video ad formats to closely engage with target audiences. The campaign’s main objectives were to create buzz, get the cricket-centric TV spots closer to consumers, create deeper level of engagement for the brand and drive traffic to an application created for the World Cup.

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Brand: PepsiCo India | Media: groupm | Country: India |Sector: Beverages | Agency: Komli | Format: Facebook Reach Block

24/04/2012  |  Full story...

Case study: What Barbie is doing wrong on Pinterest


Toy giant Mattel has been quick to capitalise on the growth of Pinterest, using the online ‘pinboard’ to showcase its flagship Barbie brand. So why has this iconic doll failed to get a single ‘like’ on the site so far? This case study takes a closer look…

More on this Case study …

Brand: Mattel, Barbie| Sector: Toys| Format: Social Media

24/04/2012  |  Full story...

Case study: Duck Tape uses Pinterest to market brand via consumer generated content

This case study shows how Duck Tape used Pinterest a social media platform to showcase their stationery products. The brand was a natural fit with existing fans who love to showcase their creations using the product. The duct tape brand has 19 boards with 443 pins showcasing fun way of using their products. The brand has 302 followers, 335 following and 164 likes on Pinterest. They have boards vary from their products which subtly market the various patterns they offer, to craft ideas using the products and craft videos and occasion specific boards.

Digital Marketing Case Study (Duck Tape Pinterest Site)

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Brand: Duck Tape| Sector: Retail, Eccomerce, FMCG | Format: Social Media


Case Study: How Coke Zone’s customer loyalty scheme became the top grocery brand site in the UK


Back in 2008, Coca-Cola was faced with a declining market share in the UK teen market. This case study reveals how the drinks giant linked on-pack point codes to an engaging Coke Zone rewards website, boosting customer loyalty and becoming the most visited UK grocery brand site in the process.

Since the scheme went live, its email offers mailshot enjoys an open rate of 49 percent and a click through rate of 71 percent. The Coke Zone site garners dwell time averages 9 minutes, and prize draw entries total 116,497. Coke Zone is now consistently the UK's no.1 Food & Drink brand website. Currently the site gets over 38 million Facebook fans and over 400,000 Twitter followers.

More on this case study:
Brand: Coca Cola | Media: interactive digital marketing | Country: UK | Sector: FMCG Drinks | Objective: engage the youth market | Agency: Carlson Marketing | Format: Multi-Channel Marketing

Digital Marketing Case Study | Coke Zone's holiday video

13/02/2012  |  Full story...

The secret is out there: How Coca Cola used a multi-channel advertising campaign to engage the teen market


Many companies worry about how their brand is being talked about online as it is seems unpredictable and uncontrollable. This case study shows how Coca Cola encouraged conversations to happen about their brand with a multi-channeled digitally focused ad campaign full of relevant, engaging and viral content.

More on this case study:
Brand: Coca Cola | Media: interactive digital marketing | Country: US | Sector: FMCG Drinks | Objective: engage the youth market | Agency: Wieden+Kennedy | Format: multi-channel advertising

Digital Marketing Case Study Video

07/02/2012  |  Full story...

How Costa used customer insight to achieve brand loyalty


This case study shows how Costa used Customer insights to transform the business via product development, loyalty schemes and marketing campaigns.

Based on research findings that 10% of overall coffee customers made up for 50% of Costa visits, Costa introduced the loyalty card Costa Coffee. Costa now has more than 6 million loyalty cards in circulation just 18 months after launch. The loyalty programme was designed also based on the insight that UK shoppers prefer points collection schemes, such as Nectar and Boots Advantage Card.

More on this Case study …
Brand: Costa Coffee| Sector: Food and Beverages| Format: Customer Insight

05/01/2012  |  Full story...

Lacta Facebook app lets users compare friends to chocolate bars


Lacta Chocolate’s Facebook App made smart use of social media, boosting brand engagement and tripling their fanbase in the process. The app let users customise the Lacta chocolate wrapper with their loved ones names and compare them to the particular flavour before, uploading the results to their wall, reaching out to hundreds of people on their list. The campaign demonstrates how Lacta used an engaging and appropriate app to get their fans to become brand promoters. This was done using a simple consumer insight that people enjoyed comparing their loved ones with chocolate. The App lead to 135,000 users sent out 300,000 virtual Lacta Chocolate in first week. In two months the number of Fans increased from 87,000 to 250,000, almost 3 times. The campaign lead to an increase in the number of likes on Facebook approximately 396,000 likes.

More on this Case study …
Brand: Lacta |Media: Facebook | Country: Greece |Sector: FMCG | Agency: OgilvyOne Athens | Format: Facebook Application

Link to YouTube Video: Lacta | Link to Facebook page


How Volvo used mobile advertising to build brand engagement


Getting mobile users to engage with a brand for a whole minute is a tough challenge, but Volvo put its mobile advertising to smart use to build brand engagement. This case study shows how Volvo used mobile and video ads to create buzz around the launch of its new sedan S60. A series of interactive video ads showcased a fast-paced 30-second video of the S60 and allowed users to browse additional images of the car and even visit the site, all without taking the user out of the video ad and the original content that they were browsing. According to its research partner InsightExpress, the campaign resulted in an 88% in purchase intent.

Brand: Volvo | Media: Google Admob | Country: North America | Sector: Automobile | Agency: Mobext | Format: Mobile display & interactive video Ads

Download the Case Study: Volvo


Case Study: Oracle | Media: BBC | Country: SE Asia | Sector: Technology | Objective: Lead generation, targetting | Format: Online Advertising

Oracle are the world's largest producers of enterprise software. In the Autumn of 2008 they launched a banner advertisment campaign with a view to targetting small to mid-sized companies in South-East Asia. The objective was to encourage downloads of eBooks and Whitepapers and, consequently, convert these downloads into sales leads. Through creation of a special landing page and placement of banners on and BBC Video on Demand, the campaign generated a significant spike in interest for the company.

Download the case study: - Oracle | BBC | Oracle


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